Ekaterina Topilskaya

Let me introduce myself!
My name is Catherine,
I am more than 27 years in the world of taro and esoteric.
I work as event organizer in the hospitality industry and sacred tourism
Also, I am a game-therapist and decorative design
art specilist.
I am a Priestess of the Temple of Hecate (I have a magical initiation into this cult). I am a member of Coven «Star Trek»
Our coven created transformational game-Live ritual «Space Yinx»

I organize
our seminars in Turkey
Temple of Hecate located in Lagina

My services:
-Consulting: numerological matrix based on
your personal code of destiny.
– Diagnostic and treatment: negative and destructive programs.
– Candle magic: candles with individual program for
– money
– love
– work
– remote of relationships;
– negative programs;
– purification
– pregnancy
– success in business
– opening of paths
– protection and filling
– Work with mineral and minerals amulets

And some more about me- I host a live game of «Space Yinx», I can teach you to wort with Aleister Crowley’s tarot, Taro Monara, Taro Casanova.

- Localidad: Moscow
Enlace de contacto: